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How Hockey Camps Contribute to Player Development


Whether you're a parent of a budding hockey enthusiast or a player yourself, you've likely found yourself musing over the question: How do hockey camps contribute to player development? Well, you're in luck because today we're going to delve into this topic and look at it through the lens of a leading hockey training program - Impact Hockey.

How Hockey Camps Contribute to Player Development – In the Voice of Impact Hockey

For over two decades, Impact Hockey Development (IHD) has been offering on and off-ice training programs for aspiring hockey players. Their philosophy is simple: "Make an impact on your game." This guiding principle drives everything they do, from their coaching methodology to the development of their fun and rewarding programs.

The Power of Tailored Training

Every player is unique, and that's why IHD believes in the power of tailored training. They offer a range of programs designed to meet the distinct needs of each player, whether they're just starting out or already making their way up the ranks.

Building Essential Skills Through Hockey Camps

In the world of hockey, camps are a great avenue for players to develop essential skills and foster a love for the game. It's not just about the technical skills like stick handling or shooting, but also about developing mental strength, perseverance, and leadership.

The Impact Hockey Difference

So, what sets Impact Hockey apart? Why do parents and players alike sing their praises? There are a few key elements that make Impact Hockey stand out.

The IHD Experience

At Impact Hockey, it's not just about training—it's about creating an experience. Their experienced coaches challenge players to grow, inspire them to maximize their training time, and encourage their love for the game. The result? A challenging, rewarding, and fun atmosphere that motivates players to give their all.

The IHD Team

The IHD team goes above and beyond to provide high-quality training. They've been described as "the most professional hockey group" with "the highest of praise" from parents and players alike. The team takes the time to get to know each player on an individual basis and understands how to push and motivate them.

How Hockey Camps Develop More Than Just Hockey Skills

While the primary aim of hockey camps is to improve players' hockey skills, at Impact Hockey, they believe in developing the player as a whole.

Instilling Life-Long Skills

According to one parent testimonial, Tim and the IHD team have been instrumental in not only improving their kids' hockey skills, but in imparting life-long skills such as perseverance, hard work, and determination. This holistic approach to player development is a testament to the transformative power of hockey camps.

Developing Mental and Physical Strength

Sports, including hockey, can be a powerful conduit in raising our next generation to be healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. IHD's hockey camps aim to develop these qualities in young players. They work on sportsmanship, commitment, leadership, and trust, alongside enhancing hockey skills.

FAQs About Impact Hockey and Their Hockey Camps

1. What age groups does Impact Hockey cater to?

Impact Hockey caters to players of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to those who are advancing in their hockey journey.

2. What skills do players learn at Impact Hockey camps?

At Impact Hockey camps, players learn a range of skills. Alongside technical hockey skills, like stick handling or shooting, they also develop mental strength, perseverance, and leadership skills. The camps work on instilling life-long skills such as hard work, determination, and commitment​.

3. What are the age groups for youth hockey?

In the USA, youth hockey age groups range from 8 or under (8U) to 19 or under (19U). In Canada, minor hockey age classifications begin from Hockey 1 to 4 (ages 6-9) and go up to Juvenile (ages 18-19)​​.

4. How are Impact Hockey's training programs tailored to individual players?

Impact Hockey offers a range of programs that are designed to meet the distinct needs of each player. Their experienced coaches take the time to get to know each player on an individual basis, understanding how and when to push and motivate them. This tailored approach ensures that every player gets the best out of their training experience​.

5. What is the atmosphere like at Impact Hockey camps?

Impact Hockey camps provide a challenging, rewarding, and fun atmosphere. The coaches are committed to encouraging the love for the game while challenging players to grow and reach their maximum potential.

6. How do Impact Hockey camps contribute to physical and mental strength?

Impact Hockey believes in the holistic development of a player. Alongside developing hockey skills, their camps focus on enhancing both the mental and physical strength of the players. They instill values of sportsmanship, commitment, and leadership, contributing to the overall health and strength of the next generation​.


Hockey camps are an invaluable tool in player development, and Impact Hockey stands as a testament to this. Their approach to training is unique, focused on creating a fun, rewarding, and challenging atmosphere that motivates players to reach their full potential. Beyond just hockey skills, they instill life-long skills and values, ensuring the holistic development of each player. So, if you've been wondering how hockey camps contribute to player development, Impact Hockey provides a compelling answer.

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